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eGo-C Atomiser Head

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Replacement atomizer heads to fit the eGo-C series of atomizer bodies.


Atomiser replacement heads to fit the eGo-C atomiser. Giving you the ease to clean your Atomiser as and when it needs it, giving it a longer life span, making it even more cost effective. The atomizer head houses the heating coil. It also has the spike that inserts into your tank. This is the part that will eventually wear out and break. When your atomizer fails, this is generally the part that is replaced. When replacing the atomizer head, unscrew the atomizer base from the atomizer cone and pop out the atomizer head. Clean the cone and base thoroughly. Hold the atomizer base vertically and set the atomizer head on top of it. The atomizer head does not need to be pushed into the base, it simply sites on top. The atomizer cone will push the atomizer head snugly onto the base. Once the atomizer head is sitting on the base, slide the atomizer cone over the atomizer head and screw it into the base. The atomizers are blister-packed to keep the atomizer clean and safe until use.

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