Electronic cigarettes have become very popular as a way of alleviating withdrawal symptoms from decreasing consumption of tobacco as well as reducing the desire to smoke.

However, there’s been a lot of questions raised around the safety of e-cigs in the past couple of years. Many of you have been asking ‘Are e-cigs safe?’ and of course, it’s a question that should be asked with an answer that you all deserve to know. What we can tell you is that Lite-up Anywhere operates in the most vigilant way possible to maintain an ethical approach to the sourcing and marketing of our electronic cigarettes. We’re not here to badmouth other electronic cigarette brands or to feed you loads of technical jargon, but what we can do is honestly tell you about our brand and our approach to the products that we manufacture.

All of the components that are available for Lite-up Anywhere e-cigs are individually tested here in the United Kingdom. Our e-cig parts are submitted for a third party review and are available once they have passed all of the quality control tests. This means that all of the products that we provide you with have been through a rigorous testing process to check for impurities and to guarantee that you receive only the best electronic cigarette that is available today.

While safety and quality are paramount for us here at Lite-up Anywhere, we go one step further to ensure that we always offer you a satisfying variety of electronic cigarettes. We’ve taken the time to chat to our customers to find out what shades they would like their electronic cigarettes to come in, meaning each e-cig component is now available in a range of popular colours, including blue, pink and gold. Don’t say that we don’t keep up to date with the fashionistas!

Our e-cigs also come in over 120 e-liquid flavours (yes, you heard us right, 120!), so you have plenty of choice when it comes to picking a flavour to suit your mood. If you’re feeling fruity give a Blackcurrent e-liquid a whirl, or if you’re in the mood for something more traditional there’s always our regular tobacco flavours, which include Dutch blend and Cuban Cigar. Stop by the Lite-up Anywhere blog for updated posts and news. If you have purchased any of our products in the past, send through your electronic cigarette reviews. Your views and e-cig experiences may end up posted right here on our blog!