Electronic cigarettes tend to get a bit of a bad rap in the press, even though they have a dedicated following of users and advocates.  Much of the poor reputation ecigs have gathered with non-vapers is most likely down to misinformation and poor e-cigarette education.  We thought we’d sort that out by providing people with some interesting facts about e-cigarettes!

Electronic Cigarette facts Lots of people are against electronic cigarettes because they don't know enough about them

10. E-cigarettes are not as new-fangled as people think

Although the ecigarette has become very popular over the past few years, it was actually invented back in the 1960s by a chap called Herbert A. Gilbert.  Gilbert patented his design as a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” but back in the 60s, before the health risks associated with smoking were truly understood, there wasn’t that big of a market and the product was never commercialised.  

9. It was a pair of Brits who developed the cartomiser 

In 2006 Umer and Tariq Sheikh of XL Distributers developed the cartomiser and the very next year the ecigarette device as we know it was launched.  

8. A cigarette by any other name?  Not quite...

An electronic cigarette really isn’t a cigarette at all.  Sure, there’s nicotine in it, but in fact it’s a vaporiser which heats up liquid for the user to inhale.  

7. E-cigs save lives...and money

You can save a ton of money by switching from traditional cigarette smoking to ecigs.  It’s been estimated that vapers can save up to £185 per month by making the change.  Just another incentive...

6. I can't get no satisfaction? 

Just because you’re not inhaling smoke and tobacco doesn’t mean that you can’t get the same satisfaction from vaping.  You’ll still get that familiar nicotine hit without the added carcinogens that are an added bonus (or not) of traditional cigarettes.

5.  Be gone, secondhand smoke!

Smokers who switch to ecigs aren’t just helping themselves, they are reducing the risk of harming others with secondhand smoke.  Rather than releasing smoke, e-cigs users exhale a vapour (hence “vaping”) which is mainly made up of glycerine and propylene glycol.  While nicotine exposure isn’t totally harmless, the nicotine level present in e-cigarette vapour is about the tenth of that produced by a traditional cigarette.

4. No kids allowed

There has been little evidence that the popularity of e-cigs has encouraged young people to take up smoking and just 1.1% of non-smokers have tried e-cigarettes.

3. You're in the driving seat

Unlike smoking cigarettes, which give you no say about how much nicotine you inhale, electronic cigarettes allow you to control your intake of nicotine.  You can pick a strength and, if quitting is your ultimate aim, wean yourself off gradually by decreasing the nicotine level you use in the device.  

2. Fight for the right

The experts are fighting for the cause.  E-cigarette experts, such as Professor Robert West, who is the Director of Tobacco Studies at University College London, have been battling to stop the World Health Organisation putting strict controls on the use of e-cigs.  West and his band of e-cig advocates believe that the devices could be a “significant health innovation…perhaps saving hundreds of millions of lives.”

Professor Robert West Professor Robert West is one of the experts campaigning to stop WHO place tight controls on the use of ecigs

1. Last, but not least...

Lite-up Anywhere currently has 101 flavours of e-liquid available in 5 different strengths, starting at just £3.99 each!  If that’s not an interesting e-cigarette fact then we don’t know what is!