In our eyes all feedback is good feedback, but there’s nothing quite like a rave review of our eliquids to boost morale here at Lite-up Anywhere HQ.  Our favourite reviewer, Andrew Scotchmer, recently posted a YouTube video in which he tried out four of our tantalising flavours and he had some very flattering things to say about them!  

Here’s what Andrew through of our Gold Blend, Rich Virginia, Bob’s Choc Flake and Coffee Caramel eliquid flavours…

Gold Blend

Gold Blend

Andrew was impressed with the pure tobacco flavour of our Gold Blend eliquid.  He was pleased with how light the overall vape was, without sacrificing rich taste which has a pleasant and refreshing citrusy note.  On the draw Andrew found the Gold Blend to have a caramel hint which lasted through the consistent vape.  Overall, he thoroughly enjoyed the Gold Blend and praised the flavourful eliquid with its zingy note.

Rich Virginia Blend


Andrew thought that Lite-up Anywhere Rich Virginia eliquid shared a lot of characteristics with Gold Blend, being light but flavourful and also citrusy and sweet.  He praised the rich roasted tobacco flavour and enjoyed the draw in which he noticed a sweet but zingy note.  The exhale Andrew described as a true roasted tobacco flavour.  He added that the Rich Virginia has a rich and rounded taste to it and hailed it a good ‘all day vape.’

Bob’s Choc Flake Flavour

Choc Flake

We laughed along with Andrew when he exhaled Bob’s Choc Flake Flavour because we know exactly what it is that made him smile when he tried this one!  Andrew explained that on the draw you get a chocolate flavour which is so rich it is close to coffee.  He described the overall vape as a predominantly tobacco flavour, which is mixed well so that the chocolate doesn’t overpower.  He felt the tobacco was much darker than the Gold Blend or the Rich Virginia, but is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the chocolate.  Another excellent ‘all day vape.’

Coffee Caramel

Coffee Caramel

Andrew very proudly announced that he had been vaping our Coffee Caramel Lite-up Anywhere liquid all day and had been thoroughly enjoying it.  He described the coffee as a true roasted bean flavour (as a dedicated coffee fan Andrew knows his stuff!) sweetened by the caramel, which you taste on the draw, but as a secondary flavour.  Andrew explained that the roasted bean coffee taste comes in on the exhale and is juxtaposed perfectly with the caramel.  We were pleased to hear that when he fancies a change from his regular tobacco flavour, Andrew will turn to Coffee Caramel. 

Lite-up Anywhere stocks over 120 delicious eliquid flavours and are one of the largest stockists of eliquid refills in a range of strengths and flavours.  All of our eliquids are completely CHIP compliant from the child-proof bottles to safety warnings and tactile labels.

To watch Andrew’s original review on YouTube click here.