Let’s not beat around the bush.  Smoking is bad for your health and it’s an expensive habit to keep up (told you we weren’t going to sugarcoat it!).  Many people have unsuccessfully tried to quit smoking but found that none of the aids available in the past, such as nicotine gum and patches, had assisted them or provided a satisfactory alternative to traditional cigarettes.  

E-cigs to the rescue!  For the first time people who are trying to stop smoking feel they have a suitable aid which gives them the nicotine hit they need and doesn’t feel like a disappointing substitute.  Not only are there numerous health benefits already associated with swapping cigarettes for the ecig there’s one other major benefit as well.  You save a whole lot of cash!

Do ecigs save money? Do ecigs save money?

So, how does switching from cigarettes to ecigs help save money?  It’s no secret that cigarette prices are always rising which means that smoking is a habit that gets costlier over time.  Ultimately you’re spending your money on something that is overpriced and harmful to your health, which we think you’ll agree is not a winning combination of things.

Sure, an ecig starter kit may cost upwards of £16.99 which at first glance looks costly, but think about how much you would spend on a carton of cigarettes and suddenly it seems much more reasonable!   Replacement parts, including batteries and clearomizers, are reasonably priced and, as long as they are good quality like our's, extremely durable.  E-liquids also come in a huge selection of flavours and nicotine strengths at very low prices.  You’ll certainly never hear vapers complaining about how pricey e-liquids have become.

In the long run making the switch to electronic cigarettes is like giving your bank account a big hug.  Smokers who had previously smoked a pack a day should find themselves vaping on average 2 to 3 bottles of e-liquid a month.  We’ll leave you to do the math, but with a bottle of e-liquid costing £3.99 (or less, if you choose one of our multi-buy deals) that’s a monumental saving!  All that extra money in the bank can go toward something that smoking had previously deprived you of.

If these aren’t good enough reasons to switch to using an electronic cigarette then think about the less obvious ways you’ll save money.   You’ll find yourself saving a fortune on gum and perfume or aftershave.  Ecig users aren’t left with that horrible smokey smell after vaping, so there’s no need to make sure you’re always stocked up on minty gum or waste your fragrance by spraying it on ten times a day to cover the smell!

Take a look around our site and see how electronic cigarettes can start saving you money today.