We were so pleased with Andrew Scotchmer’s glowing review of Lite-Up Anywhere that we’ve been walking on vapor all week!  If you’re not already acquainted with Andrew, he’s a statistical health analyst from the North West, who converted to e-cigs to aid his quest to quit smoking.  

Andrew has his own successful YouTube channel, which he uses to post honest and succinct e-cig reviews to help others learn how to choose the best electronic cigarette, whether they’re quitting smoking or just curious.

We sent Andrew three flavours of our e-liquids to test and here’s the write up of what he had to say.  

This is the second review that Andrew has done for us, and he was pleased to hear that all of our products, including juices, clearomizers, batteries and all e-cig accessories are now tested and approved in the UK (if you hadn’t already noticed on our landing page!).  

toasted blend ecig

Firstly, Andrew tested our Toasted Blend, which he was pleased to report he enjoyed just as much as the first time he had tried it.  He commented that the Toasted Blend juice tasted remarkably like a real cigarette, explaining that the inhale has a sweet, tough caramel flavour with a beautiful deep roasted taste.  He described the exhale as being extraordinarily similar to a cigarette, with a roasted tobacco taste.  He’d already run out of his Toasted Blend juice by the time he recorded the review, so we’re certain that he really did enjoy it!

Next up, Andrew tested our Wild Berry juice, which he described as reminiscent of Ribena, with a nicely balanced sourness.  He remarked how consistent the fruity flavour of our Wild Berry e-cig juice was, hailing it as one to reach for when you feel like a break from tobacco flavoured liquids.  We agree with Andrew here, it can be a nice treat to switch to a fruit flavoured juice every now and then. 

Andrew had previously reviewed our Mango juice, which he praised for it’s impressive and authentic mango flavour.

We were grateful to hear that he was impressed with our snazzy new website (thanks, Andrew, we like it too!) as well as the sheer variety of juices and accessories which we have on offer.  

We’ve made our new website as clear and easily navigable as possible to help you find your way around and choose the e-cigarette which best suits you. 

To watch Andrew’s original review, click here.